Take the overwhelm out of kitchen designing

Kitchen designing can be exciting for some but many homeowners get overwhelmed just at the thought of renovating. The common complaint is they don’t know what to pick, the mess, and they cannot visualize the end result. In this economy price is also a big factor. The inconvenience of not having a kitchen for weeks does not help either.

Kitchen designing can be fun if you approach it the right way and follow some of the guidelines shown here. You can get ideas from many places but it helps to determine your own style. Take a good look at what you like presently in your home. There may be a piece of furniture you particularly like. Visit showrooms and friends’ houses before making the mistake of putting in a kitchen you do not like. This is probably the biggest investment you will make in your home so it is important to get it right.


When you use a 3D computer program like 20-20, the image it produces makes the whole thing seem more real. Kitchen designing involves measuring your space, getting locations of windows, doors and plumbing as well as the height to the ceiling. Some people will draw a plan on paper first and with that information, they can then put it on a computer. This is good to do while you are in the home to get the best layout for the space.

This image can be changed easily and most computer programs can show you in color what your new kitchen will look like. The style of door and countertop material can be changed. You could see what tile laid on a diagonal might look like. When you see an image it is helpful if you are unsure of a countertop or backsplash selection for example. Today with excellent showrooms and computer programs, the guess work is taken out or kitchen designing

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