Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

This video shows you a before and after kitchen removing a small section of wall and relocating the sink.

The kitchen remodel ideas are good but I am not a lover of the overall color scheme here, it is helpful to see how some simple changes can make a big impact on the layout. Moving a small section of wall may be all that is needed or closing off a wall can help. Moving a pantry or re-positioning of one appliance can also help. This looks like an older style kitchen color scheme.

Some other kitchen remodel ideas I usually recommend are, where the peninsula is shown here to keep it one level if you will be using it a lot during the day. This way it is not a narrow counter top with things just falling over. A D shape sink is perfect for a corner and I believe it is usually enough if you have a dishwasher. You can get a nice 22 x 18 x 9 inch deep sink and it is perfect for pots as it is rounded and you therefore have more space around it when you push the pot into the curved corner.
I like a bigger tile on a kitchen floor at least 12 x 12. They are easier to maintain and looks better. I liked the high hats or recessed lights because they give an even amount of light. It is recommended to get the fluorescent/halogen lights now that look like regular recessed lights. They are in all the lighting stores. This saves energy and the bulb does not give off much heat. This is important on those hot days and you are trying to save on the air conditioning. The only thing is they take a while to reach their full capacity. Make sure to get the ones that are covered over to look like the regular bulb.

I design small kitchens in New York City area and work with a remodeling company every day. We complete the kitchens in 2 to 3 weeks full gut renovation. There is no good reason that a kitchen should take 6 months. A custom kitchen however can take 6 weeks, I hope these kitchen remodel ideas were helpful.

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