Refrigerator Dimensions

Refrigerator dimensions are the first thing to consider when choosing your new fridge. We all want tons of storage but we also must be particle especially in a small kitchen. The refrigerator should not overwhelm the layout of the kitchen. Knowing refrigerator dimensions is critical when you are shopping for appliances for a small kitchen.

When choosing a refrigerator I find that consumers are still not aware of counter depth refrigerators. They come now in 33 inch and 36 inch. They are called counter depth because the kitchen counter is 24 inches and the refrigerator dimensions from the back wall to where the door touches the fridge is also 24 inches. Most counter depth refrigerators are about 27 inches from the wall to the outside of the door. While the storage capacity may be less than what you have, most homeowners move the older fridge downstairs for additional storage.

Refrigerators come in 3 basic styles, Side by side where the freezer is on the side and the fridge on the other side, top freezer the traditional type with fridge on the bottom and the bottom freezer type. Each has its pros and cons. The side by side refrigerator gives easy access to the freezer usually with pull out wire trays. If you are too close to a wall this will not work. This is often over looked by designers and homeowners. It can be virtually impossible to get stuff out if you are too close to a wall. Bottom freezers can be hard to get stuff all the way in the bottom unless you get the double pull out drawer.

If you are purchasing the refrigerator to fit into an existing spot where there was an old one make sure the check the refrigerator dimensions. Refrigerators today are usually higher than older ones. Sometimes it is as simple as removing a filler piece and it will work so make sure the check the cabinets carefully before giving up. A lot of kitchens have 2 to 3 inch filler at the top of the fridge. You may have to remove the cabinet over the fridge to fit the new fridge. If your cabinets are not full overlay maybe it is possible to adjust the cabinet and re-hang the doors.

There are a lot of good appliance companies out in the market today like GE, Whirlpool, Viking, and Wolf. Once you know the proper refrigerator dimensions it is straight forward from there in picking the other appliances usually. Most stoves come either 30 or 36 inches. In a smaller kitchen a 30 inch stove is good. The microwave is also 30 inches and the dishwasher is 24 inches. If you live in a Manhattan like apartment you can get a 24 inch stove and an 18 inch dishwasher.

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