Combining Painted Cabinets and Wood in a Kitchen

This shows painted cabinets on the island with stained cabinets in the main area. It also shows how rip out/demolition is done and the removal of a load bearing wall.

I liked how this came out. The details on the cabinets are great and it is nice that they used the ivory color on the island. The countertop having some of the same color of the main countertop is a great idea. I have used this many times and it works great. Today a lot of customers are asking for painted cabinets so for those who like wood it is good to combine both. I am unsure why it should take a week to take out a floor but it was nice to see the sheetrock being removed and this video is helpful to people who have not gone through construction before. Hardwood floors may be easy to clean but at the main working areas they wear very easily. This is where we do a lot of twisting type motions and especially at the sink and stove it can be a problem. If you are considering some floor that looks like wood it may be a better option. They make porcelain tile now that looks like wood also. Remember when you are installing wood on the appliances you may need to break up the wood look as if it is dark in a small kitchen it will make the area look very small. This of course would not be an issue if you did the painted cabinets on the main area and darker wood on the island.

So in conclusion

• Combining painted cabinets with stained ones can create a very nice look if done correctly.
• Before installing hardwood floors, research to see what similar products are in the marketplace.
• If the kitchen is small it is best not to cover the appliances with wood if your cabinets are dark.

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Kitchen Layout Advice——–very awkward kitchen location/design

The common question Small Kitchen Designers are asked is

“How can I make my kitchen look and function better?”

The best answer is if possible to change the layout, color and lighting. You may have purchased a new home or have lived in it for a few years but the layout may not work for your needs. Maybe you have very little counter space and storage. The best kitchens use good kitchen remodel ideas and designs.

Below are common questions designers are asked.

Should the refrigerator be moved?

It is best to put the refrigerator at the end of a countertop run or next to a pantry. It may be possible to recess the refrigerator 3 inches into the wall or buy a counter depth refrigerator. The counter depth refrigerators are more expensive and usually taller. In order to get enough storage you probably will need to increase the width.

Can an island be installed in this kitchen?

Going online and checking out magazines to get ideas before doing renovations is something most people will do. Unfortunately most good photographs of kitchens are for big kitchens and they show large islands and much more. An island looks nice and can also give you much needed counter space. If it is designed too big or the wrong shape you might have to walk around it to get to all the appliances. It is best to have at least 3 feet between it and other counter tops, appliances or walls.

What is the work triangle?

The work triangle dates back to the 1950’s. It is meant to optimize the triangle formed by the 3 main kitchen appliances— sink, stove and refrigerator. Its function is to reduce the walking distance while preparing food. Each side of the triangle should be 4 to 9 feet max and not more than 26 feet when adding all 3 sides. The sides should not be less than 4 feet either. This is not always possible in small kitchen designs, with straight wall layouts.

Where can you give me more storage space or counter space ?

You most likely will need to change the layout. Simply taking a wall oven out will have a big impact on both counter space and storage. You can get convection microwaves that maybe will work for you. Changing the refrigerator location will help also. Use frameless cabinets that give better access and also make the drawers wider. If your cabinets are going up to the ceiling it may not be necessary to have a pantry.

In closing the modern kitchen is the most used room in the house and is the heart of the home. When you change the layout of your kitchen, it can improve the flow of the kitchen and function. A new layout might give more storage and counter top space and of course make the kitchen look bigger. When you make simple changes like eliminating pantries and wall ovens if they are not necessary can have a big impact.

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Kitchen Update Ideas I liked this very much and I have tried the Homestyler program. It certainly helped but I need to learn more on how to use it. There are other programs but this appears to be a good one. I agree simple things like changing knobs make a bit difference. The biggest difference however is changing the counter top and backsplash. This is more money but can save you having to rip the entire kitchen out. Granite prices are far cheaper now than they used to be.

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Designing Your Small Kitchen

These small kitchen design ideas are great. This is a good idea what was said in this post “Deep cabinets that can hold plates should be located near the dishwasher, and large cabinets with slide-out drawers should be placed near the oven”.

Personally I like a D shaped sink as it is larger than the rectangular one and is curved at the back which is great for pots. It also does not take any more counter space which is very important when you have a small kitchen.

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen can be difficult: there are pots to stow away, plates and utensils to place in convenient but neat positions, and appliances to be arranged so that they make the kitchen appear rich, but not cluttered. The problem is exacerbated by small floor spaces, which are common in high rise apartments, small condominium units, or compact houses.

You will need small kitchen design ideas to help you make good use of your space. Here are a few small kitchen design ideas that you might want to use as your guide in designing your small kitchen.

1. Light and whiteness can make a kitchen appear wider. You might be tempted to use a menagerie of bright colors when designing your kitchen. Strong lighting and modern colors, such as white, bone, or cream, can actually make your kitchen appear wider than it really is. When choosing colors, choose no more than two or three different ones; go for lighter, brighter colors which can reflect light.

2. When selecting a place for your kitchen, choose a corner with windows on both sides. Natural light will make your kitchen appear wider and brighter in the day. If you can, have a small kitchen island lighted from above by white light. An island can help you save cabinet space, and can give you a wider place to work.

3. Hang your pots and pans. Instead of storing your copper and aluminum in cabinets, save on cabinet space by providing pots a place to hang above your kitchen island. This can give you easier access to the pots, and can make your kitchen feel cozy, warm, and homey. If you still have space in your pot hangers, you can also place your ladles, wooden spoons, and even herbs there.

4. Not all the appliances have to be out. To prevent clutter, store smaller appliances, such as coffeemakers and blenders, in cabinets. Bring them out only when you need them. Clutter can make your kitchen appear smaller, and can make you feel constricted.

Article Source:

My comments

I think these are very good ideas, however you can have cabinets that have a medium color and your floor and backsplash can be lighter. Definitely I agree less colors are better.

Billy Coen

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Other Design Ideas

I find the Homestyler program is helpful but it may take a little time to get used to it. I agree it is best to see what style is in the rest of your home but don’t be afraid to mix the style a little. By this I mean if you are thinking about changing your other areas down the road you could easily change small items like a faucet, pendant light and knobs ,

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Designing a Kitchen Is Definitely More Than Just a Few Ideas

Renovating a home is overwhelming for most people and a lot of people put off doing a kitchen remodel because of all the work it takes. There are too many choices today in the market place. Unless you are lucky to find a good contractor who can design, provide all the products and install in your area, it can be a daunting task. Of course there are the few who love the challenge but the opportune words there are a few.

In 1999 my wife and I bought our home. The homes are very expensive in New York City so we bought a home that needed a lot of work. In 2004 after living in our home for about 5 years both my wife and I had just about enough with our cold, poorly designed old kitchen. By this time our third child was born. It is well known that most people’s priorities change rapidly when your kids are small and you are struggling to raise them. We had put it off long enough

We decided to research some kitchen remodel ideas and plan on getting our kitchen done finally. We got 3 estimates and one of the contractors charged us $500 dollars for his time to design our kitchen and that layout just did not work for us at all. After a dispute with my wife for giving them the money we both decided to design the kitchen ourselves. What I am about to tell you now was a turning point in my life and lead me to where I am today designing many kitchens. There are plenty of companies giving free design estimates so don’t be fooled.

The contractor we choose to do our kitchen took over 3 months to complete it and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. So many things I saw that were just not acceptable like not putting in enough insulation, building the interior walls too far from our brick interior and because of this we had to reorder kitchen cabinets. Always make sure to have a time line written in the contract specifying how long the project will take.

The ceilings were un-level. There was garbage thrown out our new custom window scratching it. Our dining room floors were damaged and much more. We were robbed during this project and today I am on a mission to educate consumers on the reasons why it is so important to make sure to get a good reliable contractor who does background checks on their workers as well as checking to see if they have enough insurance.

Now my passion is helping people who have smaller kitchens. It is the central meeting place of the home and it is important it functions well. Designing kitchens and using good kitchen remodel ideas is very satisfying. I work with the selection of their cabinet styles, counter tops, back splashes and floors as well as quickly show consumers how their kitchen will look after the construction process is complete.

Don’t give up on your dream. If you do your due diligence and call companies like Service Magic who will give you only reputable contractors you should be fine. Check out Angles List, Consumers affairs and BBB. Of course getting referrals is always a good idea but make sure that the people working in your home are the same crew your friend had. This can make a huge difference.

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Design Small Kitchens Welcome page

Hello my name is Billy Coen Billy-Photo-21-150x150
I would like to welcome to our new updated website where we will be posting useful and informative content on how to design small kitchens
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