Kitchen Remodel Ideas–In your case, its a good idea to remove a kitchen wall

This video is helpful in explaining why it is important to know if your kitchen wall is load bearing when you are considering removing it.

Below I am explaining some options to consider if you are thinking of removing a kitchen wall.


Kitchen Remodel Ideas–Is it a good idea for you to remove a kitchen wall ?

Kitchen designing is fun for me especially when I know it will greatly improve the functionality of the kitchen. I enjoy giving kitchen remodel ideas to customers who appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a functional kitchen in a small space.

The challenges I come across mostly in small kitchen design is how can I increase the counter top space, storage and ways to make the kitchen bigger. I am getting a lot of requests to open up walls, which can be a challenge especially in plaster homes.

Once you rip down plaster walls it will inevitably cause cracking in adjacent walls. If it is a type of stucco wall it may be difficult to match. I like to keep the overall character of the adjacent room intact if possible. Large open spaces are great but you often loose that cozy feeling a home can give.

If there are moldings at the ceiling for example or possibly a picture rail, it is a good idea to use a drop header at the ceiling and then the moldings can continue which keeps most of the character of the living room or dining room intact. It also makes it easier when trying to finish the ends of older molding in the home.

We all have different ideas as to what looks good when it comes to our home. I design kitchens in New York City area where most kitchens are not that big. Many of the kitchen remodel ideas I speak about here may not affect you if your home is less than 50 years old. It is helpful however to see what is involved in opening up a wall as the video shows.

It may be necessary to use a drop header if you are removing a load bearing wall. If you want a flush ceiling it may be costly as it is difficult to install a flush header which will end up flush with the existing beams in the ceiling. In newer construction where everything s exposed it is not as difficult.

You may have to build down the ceiling to match the other room if you are using sheetrock in the new kitchen as the other room is plaster. Kitchen renovations can be stressful so taking the time to get other kitchen remodel ideas before ripping everything out is a good idea. Being open to other suggestions may save you thousands in the long run.

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