Kitchen Makeovers Make a Huge Difference in a Home

This video shows us how you can make the very best use of space when you update a kitchen. I love the layout here as it gives the most counter space and storage possible for the size of the space.

When considering kitchen makeovers, it is critical to layout the space so you can get maximum benefit. The use of 36 inch cabinets with a nice crown molding is good. I think he used Ultracraft cabinets with a slab door which gives a contemporary look with a very contemporary handle. I love the Ultracraft cabinets and their service is great. These cabinets look like they are maple wood with a golden stain. The maple cabinet is great for lighter stains but can get blotchy when a darker stain is used.

When you update a kitchen it is important also to look at what countertop to use. He used Silestone which is a brand name Quartz countertop. The Quartz is great as it is incredibly strong and no maintenance. It is usually more consistent in how it looks but they are now bringing out quartz countertops that look more like granite. Cambria does this I know. This kitchen is typical of what I design each day in New York. Of course the styles will vary but the layout is very similar.

I use the D shape sink and the trash compactor is also great. I have both of those in my store and recommend them to most of my customers. The D shaped sink works very well as it does not take from the counter space and uses the space in the back that is usually wasted space. When cleaning pots it is curved at the back and this gives more space around the pot to clean.

I really enjoy meeting customers who are looking for kitchen makeovers and after I design their kitchen, they become very excited as a lot of people have a hard time visualizing their new kitchen. It may not be possible for everyone who is considering kitchen makeovers to be able to take down walls. It you can do it and it is not too expensive I would recommend it.

On previous post I spoke about having the pantry and refrigerator at the end of a run of countertop and this is what is shown here. The full extension soft close drawers are great and having rollouts, I love them in my own home. Personally if I was doing my own kitchen again I would do the heated floor. When I was doing my own kitchen I was taking on more than a kitchen and the budget would not allow for the heated floor.

In closing kitchen makeovers can be a lot of fun when well planned and you get maximum benefit from the new design. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is definitely worth taking the time to get professional advice.

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