Kitchen Layout Advice——–very awkward kitchen location/design

The common question Small Kitchen Designers are asked is

“How can I make my kitchen look and function better?”

The best answer is if possible to change the layout, color and lighting. You may have purchased a new home or have lived in it for a few years but the layout may not work for your needs. Maybe you have very little counter space and storage. The best kitchens use good kitchen remodel ideas and designs.

Below are common questions designers are asked.

Should the refrigerator be moved?

It is best to put the refrigerator at the end of a countertop run or next to a pantry. It may be possible to recess the refrigerator 3 inches into the wall or buy a counter depth refrigerator. The counter depth refrigerators are more expensive and usually taller. In order to get enough storage you probably will need to increase the width.

Can an island be installed in this kitchen?

Going online and checking out magazines to get ideas before doing renovations is something most people will do. Unfortunately most good photographs of kitchens are for big kitchens and they show large islands and much more. An island looks nice and can also give you much needed counter space. If it is designed too big or the wrong shape you might have to walk around it to get to all the appliances. It is best to have at least 3 feet between it and other counter tops, appliances or walls.

What is the work triangle?

The work triangle dates back to the 1950’s. It is meant to optimize the triangle formed by the 3 main kitchen appliances— sink, stove and refrigerator. Its function is to reduce the walking distance while preparing food. Each side of the triangle should be 4 to 9 feet max and not more than 26 feet when adding all 3 sides. The sides should not be less than 4 feet either. This is not always possible in small kitchen designs, with straight wall layouts.

Where can you give me more storage space or counter space ?

You most likely will need to change the layout. Simply taking a wall oven out will have a big impact on both counter space and storage. You can get convection microwaves that maybe will work for you. Changing the refrigerator location will help also. Use frameless cabinets that give better access and also make the drawers wider. If your cabinets are going up to the ceiling it may not be necessary to have a pantry.

In closing the modern kitchen is the most used room in the house and is the heart of the home. When you change the layout of your kitchen, it can improve the flow of the kitchen and function. A new layout might give more storage and counter top space and of course make the kitchen look bigger. When you make simple changes like eliminating pantries and wall ovens if they are not necessary can have a big impact.

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