Kitchen Cabinet Organiser

Whether you are in the process of new kitchen designing or you are looking for more storage in an existing kitchen, there are a lot of different kitchen cabinet organizers in the market place. The problem for most people is there are too many options. Each week I design smaller kitchens and it is a challenge for most to get extra storage.

I needed to hide the garbage but not loose valuable cabinet space. One of the things I did was to put the garbage under my sink. The challenge here is to make it fit. I wanted to have space for recycling also. There was a lot of plumbing in there. It includes a hot/cold water unit, a soap dispenser and the sink cabinet was only 24 inches.

Your local home centers have pull out garbage units and other kitchen cabinet organizers which may be a better choice in this case since you can easily return if it does not fit. I had to get a hammer and literally bend the wire support system so it would not hit the plumbing. It works great for us but if you have a bigger kitchen I would definitely suggest using a bigger sink base which will hold a bigger garbage can.

The cabinet suppliers have a lot of kitchen cabinet organizers but there are some limits. The cabinet company I use the most is Ultracraft. I just love their cabinets and service. There are times after we have installed a customer’s kitchen when we are asked for special kitchen cabinet organizers.

If you want Double Garbage organizers, there are many options. I am not sure if the ship internationally but you could try. They sell kitchen cabinet organizors but you can also get storage units for bathrooms and other rooms in the home. I wanted to mention that if you can use a separate cabinet for garbage, it is best, this way you have space under the sink for cleaning products

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