Installing wood floors in the kitchen, is it a good idea?

Installing wood floors in kitchens, is it a good idea?

There are pros and cons to installing wood floors in kitchens like most everything else. I will cover some common wood kitchen floors that are used today. The first is oak. This is very strong, durable and should be given at least 3 coats of polyurethane. Oak or any wood will wear faster especially at the sink and appliances.

Laminate flooring looks nice but I do not recommend it for kitchens. These are made with a very thin photo of wood which is glued onto MDF. This floor will need replacing too soon after it is installed to justify installing it in the first place. It is however easy on the feet and easy to clean,

Cork is also used in kitchens. Here it is essential that you do your research preferably going to a well known store that has been in the area for many years. There are many horror stories with cork but you will also find good ones. It is a great insulator so it will feel much warmer than ceramic or porcelain tile. It is also better if you drop plates and other ceramics/glassware.

When considering installing wood floors in kitchen, people usually report that they do it for the following reasons.

  • Looks good/different
  • Easy on your feet
  • Warmer
  • Less likely to break stuff on it
  • No grout to seal and clean

There are more reasons but these are the most common ones. It can be difficult to level wood kitchen floors. With tile, a mud base can be put down and this is easily leveled. It is necessary to level the kitchen floor or it will cause many problems later. The fridge for example can keep opening or moving from the wall to the center of the kitchen. The cabinets are difficult to install needing leveling of each one with small pieces of wood when the floor is unlevel.

There is a lot of movement in a kitchen. The kitchen sink and stove is a place we make turning movements and this can eat into the floor. This especially is true when there are sesame seeds and crumbs on the floor. The dishwasher or sink could over flow not to mention water spillage from the water dispenser in the fridge.

When considering installing wood flooring an alternative to tile is porcelain tile that looks like wood. These are incredibly durable and installed the same way as regular tile. They usually come in narrow lengths to look more like wood. There is some grout but these days most installers keep it to a minimum. It does have the usual negatives that tile have as being harder on your feet and easy to break stuff.

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