How to Paint a Kitchen

This video shows how to paint a kitchen by starting to cut in which is necessary when painting any room but especially necessary when painting a kitchen. The gray color however is too dark for most kitchens.

How To Paint a Kitchen

So you choose the perfect kitchen contractor and all went well but you now have to paint the kitchen. Most contractors do not paint the kitchen so you may want to call in a painting contractor or paint it yourself. Painting a kitchen can be difficult especially when the cabinets are installed.

If it is possible prime and give the walls and ceiling one coat of paint before the kitchen cabinets are installed. This will reduce the most challenging part of painting a kitchen which is the cutting in process. In painting terms cutting in is the process of using your paint brush to get to those corners and areas the roller cannot reach.

When considering painting a kitchen after a complete remodel you will need to make sure the walls are well prepared. This is often referred as prepping the area. Light sanding and some spackling may be required. Once the prep work is done you will need to apply a good primer.

Many homeowners have painted other rooms but are challenged when it comes to kitchens. The main difference in how to paint a kitchen and other rooms is that you will need to use some blue masking tape or similar tape that does not damage kitchen cabinets and plastics to drape over the entire area.

The process of protecting the cabinets, counters and appliances is best done by attaching the tape to the top of the cabinets first and then going around and stick the plastic to it. The plastic will now drape over wall and base cabinets, covering appliances, counters and more. A typical drop cloth is good for the floor.

I like to use a brush that is 3 inches. And the bristles have a slope allowing you to get into those small corners. Make sure to allow any paint that gets on the masking tape and plastic to dry before removing it as the wet paint will get on the cabinets when you are trying to remove the plastics. Also make sure to look back and fix any paint drips before they dry. Always remove outlet covers and switch covers

To summarize on How to Paint a Kitchen

  • If possible before cabinets are installed prime and give one coat of paint.
  • Sand and spackle where needed.
  • Use masking tape that does not damage the cabinets.
  • Use plastics to cover the entire cabinets, counters and appliances.
  • Use a good 2 ½ to 3 inch brush that is sloped.
  • Fix any paint drips before they dry. Always remove outlet/switch covers.

Painting a kitchen using these ideas will make the process easier. It can get expensive to hire a painter to paint a new kitchen as they have to spend a lot of time just preparing the area as described above. If you are up to the challenge it can be very rewarding when it is completed.

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