Glass Tiles Backsplash

Glass tile has become popular recently not only as borders in bathroom tile but in backsplashes also. It can look really good as a full wall as well. Glass tiles backsplash is usually more expensive but if you get the right colors and layout it can compliment you design and really make it pop.

When it comes to selecting glass tile backsplashes, the tile normally comes in sheets of 300mm x 300 mm or 12 inches x 12 inches. These sheets have a mesh backing so that it makes it easy for the installer to cut to size when installing. The decision for the homeowner is whether they want a glass border in the back splash or a complete glass tiles backsplash.

I have used glass tile from many places but for those of who like things delivered you can <a href=”http://“>get glass tile here. A word of caution though, it is very important that the tile you choose and the counter are both not busy. When you use glass tile backsplashes it is best to have a mostly solid color counter.

Glass tile while there is more grout is usually easy to clean as it is shiny and smooth. It is best not to use harsh chemicals like bleach that will temporary clean it but in the long run it will dry out the grout and then the grime only goes deeper. Of course using bleach will also strip the granite shiny seal, so be careful.

In closing

  • Glass tiles backsplash looks really good but it is more money.
  • Decide if you want a border of glass tile of have it full
  • Don’t have the countertop and backsplash clash
  • Cleaning is easy but don’t use harsh chemicals because of the grout and counter.
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