Different Backsplash Ideas

I was looking for kitchen backsplash ideas for customers and saw this video. I wanted to share it with you. This video shows how you can use a favorite photo you have in your home and get it professionally enlarged. You can use this as a backsplash and the video explains how to do it.

When looking to do a kitchen backsplash there are more choices than just tile. I like this idea because it is easy to wipe down and is durable enough for most kitchens. If you cook a lot and you are concerned you can easily do something over the stove in a tile and create a nice decorative look.

This idea eliminates the use of grout which can be difficult to clean. It is easy for most homeowners to do themselves. Looking for kitchen backsplash ideas don’t have to be difficult. The wall paper idea can easily be removed and done over as it does not damage the walls. If the walls are not primed when installing the wallpaper it will be very difficult to remove and you will damage the walls removing it.

Other kitchen backsplash ideas are below.

  • Magnetic whiteboard: We see great kitchen backsplashes like this on HGTV. With this backsplash you can put recipes up on it with magnets as well as write notes on with dry erase markers. This is also easily installed, cleaned and replaced.
  • Antique looking ceiling tin tiles: These are also really nice in a backsplash as they provide color and texture. They are a little more difficult to keep clean as they have grooves. Easy to install and replace. You will need to make sure the ones you buy don’t look cheap.
  • Mirrored tiles: These are easy to keep clean. They add light and space to a small or dark kitchen. These types of tiles are usually not too big and are simple to install and replace.
  • Cork: This kitchen backsplash is helpful to have. They are a good place to put notes and information on. Cork is very difficult to clean though, and it can wear out easily. It may not be very hygienic either.
  • Tongue and groove wainscoting: This can be used to give you a country style kitchen. If painted it will need to be high quality and be a scrubbable paint. It is not as easy to clean as other backsplashes as it is difficult to get in the grooves. It is also not fire proof.

There are other kitchen backsplash ideas but I listed the most popular alternatives to tile here. My advice is as always not to bring too much attention to the backsplash and usually not to have it too dark especially if your cabinets are dark and you have limited daylight

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