Combining Painted Cabinets and Wood in a Kitchen

This shows painted cabinets on the island with stained cabinets in the main area. It also shows how rip out/demolition is done and the removal of a load bearing wall.

I liked how this came out. The details on the cabinets are great and it is nice that they used the ivory color on the island. The countertop having some of the same color of the main countertop is a great idea. I have used this many times and it works great. Today a lot of customers are asking for painted cabinets so for those who like wood it is good to combine both. I am unsure why it should take a week to take out a floor but it was nice to see the sheetrock being removed and this video is helpful to people who have not gone through construction before. Hardwood floors may be easy to clean but at the main working areas they wear very easily. This is where we do a lot of twisting type motions and especially at the sink and stove it can be a problem. If you are considering some floor that looks like wood it may be a better option. They make porcelain tile now that looks like wood also. Remember when you are installing wood on the appliances you may need to break up the wood look as if it is dark in a small kitchen it will make the area look very small. This of course would not be an issue if you did the painted cabinets on the main area and darker wood on the island.

So in conclusion

• Combining painted cabinets with stained ones can create a very nice look if done correctly.
• Before installing hardwood floors, research to see what similar products are in the marketplace.
• If the kitchen is small it is best not to cover the appliances with wood if your cabinets are dark.

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