Best Kitchen Cabinets

Best kitchen Cabinets

A commonly asked question to kitchen designers is what are the best kitchen cabinets or how do I determine the best kitchen cabinets. There are a number of things to look for and I hope the following helps.

There are lots of materials used to make kitchen cabinets from: metal, plywood, particle board, wood in its natural form and so on. Some of these can be covered with veneers of wood, laminate and thermo foil. The best looking kitchen cabinets in my opinion are made of wood.

Wood cabinets can be framed or frameless also called European style. With the framed cabinet the frame blocks part of the open space when you open the door. This will therefore prevent possibly a bigger plate from entering the space which otherwise might fit. The drawer is where you will notice it most. Say you have a 12 inch base cabinet and you want a drawer it will end up being less than 9 inches.

The frameless cabinet is made with 5/8 to 3/4 inch sides with a 5/8 inch back usually. This thicker dimension as opposed to framed 3/8 inch sides and a flimsy back is what make s the frameless strong. The frameless cabinet also allows for a better more adjustable hinge which allows you to adjust the doors so that they are level when you look at them.

The frameless cabinet gives you a truer full overlay door which has a sleek look to it. They are better for under-cabinet lighting also as you are not limited in the lengths for example if using fluorescents. Therefore in my opinion the best kitchen cabinets are frameless.


  • Allow for bigger drawers
  • Have better hinges
  • You are able to put in bigger plates and so on.
  • You don’t have a mid section of wood often seen in over the stove cabinets.
  • You can get a full overlay door

So when shopping for the best kitchen cabinets, look for frameless, plywood construction and also cabinets that have a quality finishing process. By this I mean they are not just sprayed on with one coat of stain and finished with one coat of varnish.

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