Who am I

My name is Billy Coen. I am a kitchen designer in New York City and surrounding area. I have worked in the construction/design industry now for 25 years. I love kitchen designing especially small kitchen design because you get to be very creative. It is a challenge for most people with a small kitchen. My wife and I bought our home in 1999 luckily for us. We were renting in Bayside NY and loved living there. It is a very nice suburban location about 20 minutes from Manhattan. The homes are very expensive there so we bought a home that needed a lot of work. We lived with our kitchen until after our third child was born. It is well known that most people’s priorities change rapidly when your kids are small and you are struggling to raise them. Anyway finally after 5 years of a freezing and badly laid out kitchen we decided to renovate it.

I was educated in Civil Engineering, Interior Design and worked as a carpenter for many years. You may be thinking that I did the job myself. Actually no. I was working 14 to 16 hours per day 6 days a week. Our third son was about 6 months old when we decided to do the kitchen. He was born at 28 weeks and we were very concerned about his lungs and other things. We got estimates and ideas of layouts for our kitchen and after spending $500 to get a design/layout that did not work; I realized I was more than capable of designing it myself. Both my wife and I spent quite a few hours laying it out and we also had to allow for a small bathroom to fit. Remember it was already small. We now love our kitchen and have had many compliments over the years on how we made the best use of space. The actual process of construction is another story. It took 3 months and was one of the most stressful things in my life. I realize part of the stress was due to the fact that I have experience in the construction industry and observed things happening in my home that horrified me. This was life changing for me and today I am on a mission to help consumers be better prepared so they don’t have to go through the headache I went through.

What I do

I am passionate about helping people who have smaller kitchens. It is the central meeting place of the home and it is important it functions well. I design kitchens and bathrooms every day and help my customers with all their selections. I work with the selection of their cabinet styles, counter tops, back splashes and floors as well as quickly show them how their kitchen will look after the construction process is complete. On this website you will be able to find ideas that I recommend. Some I have on video and some written. I plan in the near future to provide products on small kitchen design ideas that serve both the consumer and the contractors.

As I said I have a small kitchen also and I love to help others get maximum use of space. I was very frustrated with my original kitchen and I know it is overwhelming to most to take on this project. I hope with my ideas it will make it much easier. Today I enjoy many happy events in my home and the fact we now have a great kitchen goes a long way in helping us to achieve that. I want the same for others

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